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Tip #1 - Old toilets (pre-1995) use over 13 liters of water per flush. By replacing these toilets with newer, more efficient models you can save enough money on water bills to pay for the appliance itself.

Tip #2 - Collect rainwater in barrels and use it to water your plants, instead of using household water.

Tip #3 - Use a refrigerated jug for glasses of cold water instead of letting the tap run as you wait.

Tip #4 - Shorten your showers to about 5 minutes long.

Tip #5 - When boiling water for cooking pasta, only use enough to cover the tops of the noodles.

Tip #6 - Do all of your dishes at one time per day. That way, you won't fill and drain your sink multiple times and waste water.

Tip #7 - Cut down on animal products; it takes significantly less water to manufacture vegetables and grains than it does to manufacture meat.


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